How I learnt To Disengage From The Pack released 15th January 2022

Bit late updating this but I’m delighted to say my latest album ‘How I Learnt To Disengage From The Pack’ was released in January on The Slow Music Movement label and the support do far has been fantastic. It received a 4 star review (and folk album of the month) from The Guardian and favourable reviews from Folk Radio, A Closer Listen and more. Digital versions are available to purchase at TSMM bandcamp:

…and CDs are available from mine:

New music coming…

I have a new album out very soon. It’s called How I Learnt To Disengage from the Pack and will be released by The Slow Music Movement label on 28th January. In the meantime you can hear a few tracks and pre-order the album over at their Bandcamp:

I’m really pleased with how this one came out and hope you might enjoy it too. Many thanks to James at SMM, Harriet Clare for the beautiful artwork and Ian Hawgood for mastering. It will also be available to listen at Spotify and other streaming platforms so search for me there if that’s your thing. 🙂

Live Attempts

A little live performance of me playing ‘Fading Rhymes’ from home. Mostly me nodding my head along to the metronome and twiddling the odd knob, but then again it’s not really foot on the monitor, stage diving music.. maybe next time.

Guardian folk album of the month: Future Folk: Friendly Faces; Different Spaces

Blimey! Made a little appearance in The Guardian this morning as The Slow Music Movement’s compilation that I appear on is folk album of the month- The highest profile coverage since I was in Gamesmaster magazine 28 years ago!

It’s a lovely flowing collection, many thanks to James for curating and great to be featured amongst such likeminded artists such as: Alula Down, The Howard Hughes Suite , Geir Sundstøl – sundstoel Scott William Urquhart, Bróna Mcvittie, Avocet Jeffrey Silverstein, Andrew Tuttle, El Conejo, Black Brunswicker, Tracy Chow, Pete Thompson & Me Lost Me.


I have recently (well in the last 6 months) appeared on two lovely compilations. Back in November 2020 I appeared on this beautiful and eclectic compilation highlighting the loss (and near loss) of many species:

And in April 2021 I appeared on this other beautiful and eclectic (within a folky idiom) thing:

It’s great to be on compilations with other amazing artists so if you are compiling anything at the moment do let me know and hopefully I can hop aboard!