I’ve never come across and architect like this before! My track ‘The Root of All Things’ begins and ends the video.



Fantastic looking documentary by Erick Flores Garnelo, never heard of this Chava guy but looks interesting. Uses ‘He Said, Life Is A Question, But Don’t Let Them Hassle You For An Answer”

Chava from Erick Flores Garnelo on Vimeo.

A beautifully shot film by Thomas Simon which uses my piece ‘Rather Blue Than Red’ from my forthcoming album. Licensed via Music Vine.

Souvenir from Thomas Simon on Vimeo.

A lovely film trailer by Santiago Menghini featuring my piece ‘Surely There are Worse Things.’

Voyagers – Teaser #2 from Santiago Menghini on Vimeo.

Really sad, moving documentary about the refugee situation in Greece. Feel honored that the film makers decided to use one of my pieces for the end of the film.