Hi there and thanks for finding me. I am a composer/musician based in Nottingham, UK but originally from the seaside town of West Kirby on The Wirral. I have been writing and recording music in various forms since my teens – teaching myself the basics of guitar and cassette based recording.

Sadly my shoe box of cassettes from this time dissappeared- I’m sure they’d contain all the cliches of teenage songwriting, alongside some pretty ‘naive’ guitar playing, but it would be nice to have a document of these early days! I think part of my drive to make music nowadays is a kind of yearning to recreate these lost gems- even including the odd wonky mix and interesting timings. 😉

Having explored many musical styles I gravitated towards the earthy tones of folk music and learnt how to make sounds out of fiddles, whistles and accordions. This, coupled with doing a music tech course at Clarendon College in Nottingham, led to my current musical mish mash of folky sounds fed and processed through my trusty old mac (the cassette recorder chewed up its last tape sometime in the early noughties).

I have released a number of albums/eps to date, some on small labels, some self released. Roughly every two years I get all enthusiastic about trying to perform this stuff live and have played some interesting shows in a burger bar, an old car mechanics and a blocked street during an environmental protest. I think that was nearly two years ago actually so keep a look out for another attempt soon! (Seriously though, if you’re in the business of putting on shows please do get in touch!)

I perform regularly with childrens theatre company Handmade Theatre as a performer musician. They are an amazing company and its great to interact with the kids on stage.

From 2018-19 I toured with the fantastic poet Andrew Graves on his ACE funded show God Save The Teen, providing incidental music to this poignant and funny work exploring Andrews teenage years and the (now pretty much obliterated thanks to the current government) youth service.

I have had a few stints with the fantastic Seas Of Mirth over the last 10 years. Whilst other commitments have often got in the way its been wonderful to share the stage with them in lots of weird and wonderful places.

I also write music for use on TV and other media. I’ve had music on Springwatch, Countryfile, The One Show and much more.

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